Parlé Booth

Parlé Event Calendar 2021 - 2022 Jewelry Trade Shows

We love to meet our Jeweler Partners face to face at Jewelry Trade Shows.

If you are a jeweler, check the list below.
For the bigger venues, we recommend setting up an appointments since some shows can be busy.

Do not see your favorite show in this schedule?
Feel free to contact us because we want to meet YOU.

    Jewelry ShowShow DatesLocationBooth
    RJO Spring Show
    January 23
    January 25 2021
    Palm Springs, CA
    IJO Spring Show
    February 26
    March 2 2021
    Orlando, FL
    May 23
    May 25 2021
    Scottsdate, AZ
    RJO Fall Show
    July 22
    July 26 2021
    Cincinnati, OH
    IJO Fall Show
    August 13
    August 17 2021
    Kansas City, MO
    JCK Luxury
    August 24
    August 30 2021
    Las Vegas, NV
    Booth LUX
    RJO Spring Show
    January 29
    January 31 2022
    Birmingham, AL
    RJO Fall Show
    July 31
    August 1 2022
    Minneapolis, MN